Surfing’s Best Kept Secret: Troncones Beach

Escape to Troncones to experience uncrowded Pacific surf and authentic Mexico.

Great Surf, No Crowds.  Surf with the legends at their secret stash in Troncones.

A welcoming community for Surfers and SUP/Surfers of all abilities with expert local guides and instructors

Centrally located among 6 juicy point and bar breaks and numerous beach breaks

Mix of Left & Right breaks suitable for  Short  and Long Boards and SUP Surfing.

Only 30 minutes from Ixtapa int’l Airport

Saladita Surf

Are you ready to make the most out of your next Surf trip?

Surfing’s best kept secret offers an authentic surf vibe in a relaxed Mexican Village.

Troncones is a rural surfing village on the Mexico Pacific Coast that has escaped tourist development. Troncones is considered by many to be the top surfing location in Mexico due its variety of surf including Point Breaks, Sandbar Breaks and Beach Breaks all in close proximity to each other.

Add to your Surf experience in Troncones with daily yoga, superb local cuisine, horseback riding, hiking and fishing.

Villa Las Rubias – In the heart of Mexico’s best Surf

Villa Las Rubias, located right on Troncones Beach,  is in the middle of a 60 mile surf mecca that runs from just south of Zihuatanejo, to Lazard Cardenas in the north.


There are essentially 2 distinct swell seasons. From April-October southern hemisphere swells and hurricanes provide the biggest swells of the year.  November-March the waves drop considerably but stay in the waist- to chest-high range with excellent shape, and are accompanied by the best weather of the year.

Surf Sports

Troncones water temperatures are pleasant year round, averaging 79°F (26°C). The tidal range is only about 2ft (0.6m).


As you can see in the graphic, there is a swell 96% of the time in the winter and and 100% of the time in the Spring.  One can expect 2-4ft, well formed waves all winter and 4-6 ft swells all spring. The swell can vary depending on the break and direction of the swell but consistency and multiple locations is what makes Troncones Surf special!

World Class Surf Breaks Minutes from Villa Las Rubias

The Ranch

Located just up from La Union, the Ranch’s main attraction is the left point break directly in front of the Los Amigos restaurant. Breaks best on south and southwest swells and is best on a low tide. Can hold shape up to double overhead.

Some surfers compare the Ranch to Trestles in San Diego, CA. Bring a longboard and a short board if you can swing it, since the face changes pitch with the tide.

The bottom is mostly loose cobblestone but can be sharp with marine invertebrates. Booties aren’t a bad idea.

Getting There:

Take Mex 200 north past La Union, cross the bridge and exit toward “El Chico local traffic only.” Before El Chico, turn left on “Juan Maciel.” Follow the road up and over the highway into the town of Roble. At the end of Roble, there’s a fork in the road. Go left and follow the road all the way to the beach. Take the road all the way to Los Amigos and you’re there.

La Saladita

Sweet, slow-breaking left-hand point break near the town of Los Llanos. Has been nicknamed “the wave machine: and Ubilam (cuz it’s like a reverse Malibu). Best on south and southwest swells at low tide. Begins to lose shape at head and a half.

Longboarders dominate the break enjoying long mellow rides from the top of the point all the way to the beach, sometimes over a minute long. The bottom is a mix of rock, loose stones, and sand depending on where you are. Booties aren’t a terrible idea, but most don’t wear them.

Getting There:

Take Mex 200 north to Los Llanos. Exit left and follow signs to the beach. (About 30 minutes)

Manzanillo Bay

Manzanillo Bay in Troncones is a rock/reef point with a steep drop that empties into a deepwater cove. Breaks best on southwest and west swells.

On the best days, Manzanillo offers a steep drop, fast wall over a shallow reef with maybe even a barrel before dying down in the channel. Needs a significant swell with good direction to really perform. Because of the deep water and reef bottom set up, Manzanillo can maintain shape well into double overhead plus while other spots are just closing out.

There’s a public access between Casa Las Tejas and Casa Manzanillo (after the big hill, take the left turn off the beach road towards Troncones Point Hostel), but if you play your cards right, one of the many boutique hotels on the beach may provide access if you make an effort to view their properties or eat at their restaurants.

Getting There:

Head up the Troncones beach road toward Majahua. You’ll see the Inn at Manzanillo Bay (closest to the break)/ Public Access is about 1/4 mile beyond.

Playa Linda

South of Troncones and into Ixtapa is Playa Linda, a rivermouth beach break that can produce long lefts breaking toward the lagoon. Nice little wave to incorporate with a run to the ATM machine or a shopping trip to Zihuatanejo. Breaks on all swells but best with a little west in it.

Getting There:

Take Mex 200 south toward Zihuatanejo. Follow the signs into Ixtapa then toward Playa Linda. Park at the RV campground and walk toward the estuary.

Rio Nexpa

The surf spot is an outstanding long tubing left point break at the river mouth, with rides up to 200 yards when the sections connect. When the surf doesn’t connect Nexpa has about 5 peaks. There is also a good beach break south of the

river mouth. Rio Nexpa gets its largest swells in the summer, some times huge, June – September, but surf can be expected year round.

Rio Nexpa is a classic left-hand point break, but there is opportunity for breaks on the right swell. We caught a perfect A-Frame on the south side of the point, just perfect. heard stories of this place peeling so long you have to take a car back to the line-up. Worth the trip.

Getting There:

To Get to Rio Nexpa take route 200 N to Lazaro Cardenas

Troncones Beach Breaks

Between the village of Troncones to Manzanillo, there’s a 5 km (3 mile) stretch of crowd-free beach marked with rocky outcrops that encourage sandbars. These bars create consistent peaks when the conditions are right. These breaks happen on all swell directions and tides, for short, punchy rides over sand. Watch out for rocks. (Not for beginners) There are several bars up and down the beach so keep your eyes peeled for the bar of the week, or get the scoop from Bruce Grimes, local board shaper and beach break master. (His shop is on the land side of the beach road, just north of the bridge.)

Meet the legends who call Troncones the place to be for World-Class Surfing.

Troncones is home to several legendary surfers who value the virtues of Troncones surf without the crowds, pressure, and rigid rules found on many surf breaks.


Matt McCabe

Current Pro Matt McCabe frequently escapes to Troncones in the summer. Check out this video of Matt’s most recent trip to Troncones.


Corky Carroll

Corky Carroll is considered the first pro surfer and he calls Troncones home. “The most famous, complete & total surfer ever” – Surfer Magazine.

Leon Perez

Leon Perez

Leon Perez A National Masters Surf Champion of Mexico.  “Called El Tigre, he dated models and TV stars, often didn’t sleep and, when the sun came up, grabbed his board and went surfing” – Outside Magazine

Discover Barefoot Luxury: Villa Las Rubias

Villa Las Rubias is located at the heart of this surf mecca.

At Villa Las Rubias, we believe a vacation should rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.   Refresh your spirit doing what you love, learning something new or simply relaxing.  Villa Las Rubias is the ideal setting for an authentic surf retreat on Troncones Beach. The Villa offers Surfer Chic indoor/outdoor luxury accommodations, steps from the beach and the saltwater infinity pool.  With 3 private bedrooms with air conditioning,  2 baths and a private kitchen, the Villa is ideal for your surfing getaway, family surf vacation, or Surf/Yoga retreat.

Our Standard Rates are $2500/wk or $400/night.  During peak surf season, we offer a 25% discount to these rates! Take advantage of this discount and secure your preferred dates!

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    • A La Carte Services to customize your ideal Surf Vacation.  Including: Surf Lesson’s.  Local insight into the best breaks.  Or professional oversight while you take on advanced waves.   SUV Rentals to get you off the beaten path.
    • Varied Activities for the entire family. Daily Yoga session, Eco-tours at La Boca estuary, boogie boarding and excellent local or international cuisine help round out the experience at Villa Las Rubias.

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